Football Future Pro Coaching Academy offers specialist programs to Private Teams and Clubs in the Phnom Penh metro area.

Below is a break down of the type of services we can provide Private Teams and Clubs.

Football Future Pro 2 Hour Coaching Presentation including practical sessions

We provide a short presentation in a classroom like environment, have a Q&A with the Coaches then put on a typical session with a group of players chosen by the club.

Football Future Pro Development Sessions with Private Teams

We put on a typical session for a team at the club, working on specifics given to us by the coach or team manager.

Football Future Pro 1 Hour Parent Presentation

We present to the parents, providing guidelines on parent conduct and creating a positive learning environment for the players.

Football Future Pro Team Trials and Grading

We agree with the Club on a suitable time and date for the trials to take place, we spend some time with the coaches to outline what is being looked for in terms of grading, then we provide recommendations for team/squads. Programs can be as detailed as production of a Technical Document which encapsulates the clubs philosophy and development plan, or simply training ground visits to assist with Squad Training.

We base all of our programs in alignment with the FFA National Curriculum (Australia) and believe that this coupled with the access we have to numerous Club Academy Programs around the world provides Private Teams & Clubs with the foundation to build a successful Youth Development Program.

Whether players are being produced to play at the highest level or simply playing socially with friends week in week out, the aim of everything we do at Football Future Pro Coaching Academy is to ensure that Football is a positive part of people's lives.

For further information on our programs and how we might be able to assist you at your Private Team or Club please contact us via the contact us form.

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