Our Future Pro Player Development Program is a two or three day program where the training at all ages is within a more challenging environment and more specific to player’s long term aims.

We have created an environment with a specific ‘culture’ where players of similar attitude and ability undertake structured training sessions and matches in either future leagues or tournaments in the pursuit of excellence. In each age group from Under 6’s to Under 20 we aim to have one team with a squad of 10-16 players per team. Academy players are invited through a meritocracy and are required to meet certain levels of attainment in order to maintain continued attendance within the program.

Our Future Pro Player Development Program has the obligation to deliver players to their required destination with a clear pathway to elite play or the player’s highest achievable destination or professional placement.

Our Future Pro Player Development Program is for children and parents who are committed to helping their children become the best footballer that they can be. We therefore ask for a year round commitment and will not accept children who cannot commit to three terms a year. Likewise, once you have been accepted into our FPPPD Program we are committed to you for an entire year, (or, if you were accepted during the year, until September, when we will have new trials). Please do not assume that once you are in our Future Pro Player Development Program that you have a place for as long as you want it. Trials are held each year and new teams/squads are chosen for the year.

For further information please contact us via the contact us form.

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